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  • Vengeance


    Watched in-between bottle feeding kittens and watching SANTA CLARITA DIET and CALL THE MIDWIFE. Oh, and a couple episodes of ANGEL.

    Yeah, man.

  • Creed


    First movie watched with my husband in our new home. My new home isn't nearly as dear to me as the character of Rocky Balboa, at least not yet. My husband is up for debate.

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  • Bright Star

    Bright Star


    Who knew a man stroking a woman's hand could be so sexy? I've seen this movie seven or eight times now and it never fails to invade my soul and senses with its beauty and glorious sadness. It's the cinematic equivalent of smelling a lovely perfume, gazing at a field of lilac bushes or tasting a delicious wine...everything about it is full of sensuous texture and utter longing...longing to be touched, longing to be inspired, longing to love and create…

  • Smorgasbord


    Lewis struggles to die, struggles even harder to live. I can relate.