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  • Insomnia



    Underrated gem from Nolan. This sleepy (very sleepy) Neo Noir is fantastic. All 3 leads kill it in their performances, especially Pacino who looks like he wasn't getting any sleep on set

  • Replicas


    I don't know how to star rate this. It's a goddamn mess structurally. It drops plot and theme threads all over the place, the main character sees no long term negative consequences for his actions, whole plot twists happen out of nowhere, the CGI looks good until it aggressively doesn't and only Keanu Reeves and Thomas Middleditch are actually acting. But... but it's a fucking blast to watch it all play out in messy glory. If you love B Movies about Mad Scientists playing god as much as I do you you'll find a lot to love in Replicas

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  • Mank


    God, it's bad enough this movie has to be 2020's Anonymous. It doesn't have to be boring and ugly to look at too! Gary Oldman has no screen presence in this, the script is the only one who thinks it is clever, the film stops its narrative for shoehorned in modern topicality. (YES I KNOW DONALD TRUMP IS BAD. I HATE HIM TOO.) The only thing next to a saving grace this has is Amanda Seyfried but she's given Eff…

  • Green Book

    Green Book


    Hahahaha go fuck yourself the academy