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  • The Battle of Algiers

    The Battle of Algiers



    Shot in a Rossellini-esque newsreel-documentary style, "The Battle of Algiers" summons the spirit of Italian neorealism, but is even more unflinchingly brutal. It pulls no punches, it takes no political sides, and, as Robert Tepper would say, there's no easy way out, there's no shortcut home - for anyone. Men, women and children are both perpetrators of hideous crimes and innocent victims, every revolution comes at a high price and eats its children, and no film is as refreshingly honest about it as this one.

    There are minute goofs and inconsistencies, but make no mistake - this is indubitably a masterpiece.

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  • Occupation in 26 Pictures

    Occupation in 26 Pictures


    Никад бољи тренутак да се погледа поново, ионако сам гледао доста давно прошли пут, па и заборавио пуно тога. Апсолутно уџбенички пример приступања тешким темама, и то не кажем само због најмучније сцене југословенског филма, масакра у аутобусу, који не траје дуже од три минута, али ћете га запамтити за цео живот, као и Звонка Лепетића који га извршава, уз кикот Милана Ерака и њихових "сабораца" (иначе, догађај је апсолутно истинит, запис стоји у архиву града Дубровника). Ради се уопште…

  • To Have and Have Not

    To Have and Have Not


    Rewatching a few HH films as a preparation for a new blog post.

    I have always loved this film and that hasn't changed yet. It has its fair share of similarities with "Casablanca", but it is far from a rip-off. The writing is excellent, the performances are wonderful (Bacall shines in her debut, this is the best of the four with her husband, if not the best one ever), Walter Brennan is expectedly great and the others don't let the…