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  • WandaVision



    Episodes 1 & 2

    WandaVision is such a breath of fresh air. I was hesitant about all the Disney+ Marvel shows coming out, but WandaVision sold me. It's unique, funny, and it blew my expectations completely out of the water.

    Now all I have to worry about is whether or not the other shows live up to this one.

  • Watchmen



    This movie is so far up it's own ass it's not even funny.

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  • The Shining

    The Shining


    CertifiedHuman's 2020 Halloween Marathon!
    Film/Short #33

    "I know all about cannibalism! I saw it on TV!"

    If you want to recommend horror films or shorts, do so on my "October Watchlist" list.

  • The Last Photograph

    The Last Photograph

    All hail our lord and savior Zack Snyder! In 2021 Snyder shall descend from the heavens and bless us with the Snyder Cut which will bring forth a prosperous, golden age of man. Twas Zack Snyder who was crucified, and it will be Zack Snyder who will send forth the horsemen of the apocalypse with the rapture and send those who gave his masterpieces poor reviews to the flaming pits of Hell and those who rightfully saw their genius to the heavens to enjoy Zack Snyder's Justice League with God himself, Zack Snyder. IN ZACK SNYDER WE TRUST!