Possessor ★½


Ironic for a movie about identity or something to be this not unique. Nails that “Black Mirror” atmosphere and has the structural bones of a lesser episode. Look, I hate to compare every similar thing to that show, but you’re kinda asking for it by casting the ‘guinea pig episode’ girl.

Premise-driven futuristic schlock with a dead-end narrative. Incredibly unsatisfying and not in a provocative fashion, just proving its pointlessness. Eye-gouging will only make it serviceably entertaining between the cracks and it never goes all-out “Society” type gore anyway like the poster or certain scenes would suggest.

It’s also about desensitisation (or something), I mean, that’s just pretty sad. It’s got nothing on daddy’s “Videodrome”. Unlike the movie this tries to rehash thematically, it’s got no emotional attachment in the run-of-the-mill performances and un-lively characters.

The most nonsensical thing in Jr.’s pretentious bag of technological-anxiety is the world-building and how undeveloped it is. Doesn’t do anything with all the obvious potential right at the doorstep. Too cheap, too careless and easy. Logo, logo, logo and... shit.

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