The Death & Life of John F. Donovan ★★★★½

Xavier Dolan did it again. I cried more than 6 times during this masterpiece.

The story begins so slow, full of mysteries between the narrow and harsh dialogues, you become aware that he is dead and finds nothing else will surprise you about the death itself, but ends up plunging into a sea of ​​emotions and commotion.

The cast is impeccable, the script is simply magnificent, the soundtrack is heartbreaking, i can't see any flames

The depression in industry being exposed without any barriers, Rupert's point of view in different decades and the search for someone who cares, he found it in John during 5 years of correspondence.

John couldn't stand living that life anymore, his relationship with his family was doubtful, he had practically no one beside him to guide him, which ended up collapsing in his head full of problems to deal with and eventually led to his tragic end, he got rid of everything even though he learned the lesson in life, he has done his best to fight to hide his sexuality in an industry that wasn't ready for a gay star.

Also, Kit's impression of Julianne Moore on Magnolia in that pharmacy scene was outstanding.

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