Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass ★★★★★

Mike Flannigan has become one of my favorite directors working today and for sure my favorite horror director. He is Stephen King, the director & he’s made another Masterpiece with Midnight Mass. I am a massive fan of The Haunting Of Hill House adore Doctor Sleep, so I was very much looking forward to this. It did not disappoint and somehow exceeded my expectations.

Flannigan builds 7 episodes of an incredibly complex idea that vague myths & blind faith can bring positive & really wonderful things but also can be abused and be misinterpreted and he finds this way, as a fan of horror, to tell a really incredible horror story with this conversation.

I cried in Hill House(a lot) and I cried in this.. when I finished the last episode I just sat in silence for maybe 15 mins, it’s such a special show. You truly won’t be able to guess where this is going. I applaud netlfixs marketing for keeping everything a secret. & oh boy nobody does a monologue quite like Mike Flannigan. Go watch this immediately, this quite possibly might be the best piece of entertainment I’ve seen this year

For the record, Hill House is still his best work <3

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