Booksmart ★★½

Feldstein and Dever are fantastic together and make watchable what would've otherwise been a painful, insufferable experience. Not that this isn't funny or amusing--it is!--but maybe adult filmmakers should stop trying to make "woke" teen comedies?? Please??? Between the use of "Malala" as a feminist friend code or the Free Palestine decorations or the all-gender restroom that is nothing at all like the actual all-gender restrooms I was forced to reside in during my closeted tranny phase (they're just single-room family restrooms! not coed bathrooms where everyone's just cool with each other! that imagery just plays into the right wing's demented fantasy talking points!!) I've never seen a teen movie that feels more like an adult's liberal #resistance fantasy version of high school--or perhaps, a fantasy of what they wanted their high school experience to look like.

Even the serial killer is woke!!!!

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