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  • Little Fockers

    Little Fockers


    I can now finally say that I’ve seen the Focker Trilogy! Ben Stiller & Robert De Niro continue to have great chemistry, there are some laughs to be had & the end credit sequence was easily the best scene in the movie...Which says a lot. I was disappointed by how lazy this movie was. Script, character development, writing, tone, pacing, ending all fall into cliches, tropes, stereotypes of the comedy genre. Which as many of you know, I rarely am able to…

  • Snowden



    Feel quite mixed about this movie, honestly. The filmmaking is fine, as is the cast. I think the story unfortunately is directed & written in a way that feels quite safe.  I especially feel this way after reading up on the true story. The movie is a bit too long, filled two dimensional characters & uneven pacing. The cinematography was nice, though. The score was at times solid. In the end, Snowden had so much potential but alas was a mixed movie  that could have been so much more then what it actually was had it not been playing it safe.

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  • Blood Simple

    Blood Simple


    Corn Brother’s Film! I saw this once before. But truth be told, I didn’t remember anything about it. After seeing it a second time, I think this is a rock solid debut film! Well acted, shot, great score & filled with many themes, messages & filmmaking techniques that show their early potential. That’s just it: This showcases their potential but isn’t their fully realized strong directing. Not yet, at least. I can see why many people love this film. For me, it’s solid & in the end, would recommend it.

  • The World's End

    The World's End


    As I said in my review for Shaun of the Dead & Hot Fuzz: I upgraded the Corneto trilogy a couple months back from Blu-ray to 4K & am now finally rewatching them. Shaun of the Dead tackled Horror Comedy, Hot Fuzz tackled Action comedy & The World’s End tackles Science Fiction Comedy. The performances are really strong. Really enjoyed watching the cast. The score by Steven Price was heart pumping. The cinematography was really good. The story, messages, themes & plot are familiar,…