Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy ★★★★★

in this turn of the golden age classic schleisenger mixes a gritty and depressingly real story with a delicate yet rough round the edges hopefulness which is personified through the vast and terrifying world of new York.

each sequence is executed perfect with the compelling score and the extremely well cut editing which is done to absolute perfection by Hugh A Robertson.

The film also has a good heart and a refreshing sense of humour which helps to keep the audience entertained yet not knowing what to expect.

both performances are very well crafted and Jon Voight adds many layers to the already intriguing character of Joe buck. Dustin Hoffman is perfect as the mysterious yocal who even though could seem like an almost one not character is given a ton of character by the enjoyable and near perfect performance.

overall, I think midnight cowboy is a perfect movie with a serious tone but the film can sometimes have a bit of fun with the editing and sequences.

Definitely a mastapiece