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  • Dororo



    this one is surprisingly very good. a dark fantasy period film. i was worried if i would like Satoshi in such character but this guy never fails to impress. he was so damn good in his character.
    there were some good action sequences and heart in the film. i had good time watching this film.

  • Just Heroes

    Just Heroes


    Just Heroes (1989) is a heroic bloodshed film that was made to help Shaw Brothers' cult-director Chang Cheh who was broke during that time.

    This star-studded film was directed by Wu Ma and John Woo. With the spirits of A Better Tomorrow, John Woo made about 60% of the film according to Wikipedia.

    Danny Lee and Stephen Chow's earlier collaboration was nothing special but this one, which is more than just "Lee-Chow's Collaboration" was extraordinary.
    Don't know about everyone but…

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  • Mad World

    Mad World


    this film teared my heart into pieces
    Shawn Yue and Eric Tsang were terrific. Both delivered probably their finest performance till this date.

  • Rough Cut

    Rough Cut


    Screenplay written and produced by Kim Ki-duk. Directed by Jang Hoon.

    A film about cinema and gangster. We saw gangster and cinema crossing same paths before in A Dirty Carnival but this one is different. This one slides more on the grit artistically. Don't wanna compare but i enjoyed this one slightly more. Jang Hoon did a terrific job directing this film moreover you can feel Kim Ki-duk's spirit as well
    So Ji-sub with beard and a calmly stylish character totally owned the film. His staring, his acting, they were on point. he was damn convincing. I do always have a thing for such character.