Pete Davidson: Alive from New York

Pete Davidson: Alive from New York ★★★★

Pete Davidson helped me re-contextualize my mental illness, thus sending me back to therapy and getting on meds, back on track to a somewhat healthy life style so in a weird way, I look up to him? His persona is a scum bro but I’ve seen him live twice and he’s so nice and genuine and open with his struggles and it’s awe inspiring and it normalizes mental illness. It makes me feel better about my struggles and I owe him a lot. 

With saying this, I’ve seen 98% of these jokes already. The funny factor does diminish just a little bit because i already knew the punchlines but that’s doesn’t negate my laugh factor. His Ariana jokes were spot on and clearly labeled the double standard of being a male celebrity who can’t say or do what females can/pointing out that there are bad “gay” who think it’s ok so sexual assault girls due to their sexual orientation. Pete’s really outgrown SNL and once someone becomes bigger than the show, it’s time to move on. I really am looking forward to whatever Pete does next

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