It Chapter Two ½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

How do you fuck this up? You had one job. ONE.

IT Chapter 2, mangled from the 1980s portion of the classic novel by Stephen King, is trash. It somehow occupies three hours and does nothing with it. 

You have Jessica Chastain playing one of King’s hands-down best female characters, who in the novel undergoes escaping from her monstrously abusive husband, coming to terms about why she married a guy who beat her while they were dating, and what that means in terms of herself...and you literally included none of that. Even their savage fight before she leaves is incredibly watered down, and then you just dump her character development in the trash. There’d have been Oscar buzz if you’d stuck it out with her, but no. You just hired famous actors to attract people to your festering roadkill of a movie. 

You have a guy in a breakout role, Bill Skarsgard, who was scary as hell in the first one, also similarly doing pretty much nothing, besides a cartoonishly bad adaptation of the novel’s ending. 

I’d rant on, but fuck this movie, I’ll talk about a better one next.