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  • Rehearsals for Retirement

    Rehearsals for Retirement


    Although it has been more than three years since I last touched a video game, I can recall my experiences very vividly mainly due to my strong obsessions. The transition and decision to suddenly stop was incredibly spontaneous, and from that moment I felt as if a new life had a begun. And I was excited for that life, yet remembering my times playing video games, the memories that stuck most out to me were the times in which virtual…

  • Prometheus' Garden

    Prometheus' Garden



    If there's someone weird in your way, stop breathing and feed them, ya dingus!

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  • Punch-Drunk Love

    Punch-Drunk Love


    Punch-Drunk Love achieved many things which I believed wasn't possible for me.

    It was a comedy that I laughed at, it was a film that starred Adam Sandler that I liked, it made me like Adam Sandler for one film, I perceived 40 minutes as 20 minutes, and it made random adolescent people look intimidating.

    This film is so entertaining and good that it honestly highlights that not everything can be done by everyone, you have to be Paul Thomas Anderson to make these achievements.

  • Lux Æterna

    Lux Æterna


    Lux Aeterna is sectioned into two films: 'The Art of FIlmmaking' and 'Lux Aeterna'. Both collectively forming an experience that re-kindles and attempts to re-define the spirit of initiatory cinema as a psychedelic strobe of re-purposed early cinema. The result is dizzyingly hypnotic and enchantingly meditative. The beginning is very much a Noe visual essay/experiment that acts as a good initiation for the spirit of the film to continue, in ritualistic or rite destined manner. Within this Noe channels through…