Stalker ★★★★½

Even though this review is not marked for spoilers, I would recommend going into this film blind

It's amazing how well this film relies on conversations between the lead characters. And it hooks you. I thought it was a great tale about hope, faith, superstition, the arts and science. I mean, the 3 main characters all represent facets of society to me: The stalker being Religion, the writer being the Arts, and the physicist being Science. Both the writer and physicist seek fame for their skills (With the Stalker living a supposedly "selfless" life) while the physicist and Stalker both have opposing views on faith and superstition. I feel like Andrei Tarkovsky definitely sees a bit of himself in the Stalker and probably the writer as well.

I watched this more than a day ago now but it really settled well with me. There's so much to dig into with this film and everyone can take away something of their own from it. I haven't stopped thinking about it since I watched it, and I have to at least give the movie credit for that.

I am going to need to see it again for sure.

Also: how has no one told me about Kanopy before!? It's great!

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