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  • Risky Business


  • Contempt


  • A Star Is Born


  • Dracula


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  • Cutter's Way

    Cutter's Way


    This seems like the last movie of the ‘70s. CUTTER’S WAY hardly resembles anything in contemporary film; at this point, it’s like comparing Renaissance oil paintings to Warhol lithographs. This art form changes rapidly. Lucky we’ll always have the first wave of dark and heady independent American cinema.

  • The Evil Dead

    The Evil Dead


    Gore glorified.

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  • Terrorizers



    There’s beautiful and evocative imagery of Taipei apartment life (no shock, since I’ve seen Yang perfect that aesthetic in YI YI) but I found this film to be dull in large patches. The characters don’t feel three-dimensional; they principally serve Yang’s unconvincing intersecting-lives-style narrative.

  • The New World

    The New World


    This movie is a remarkable sensory experience. Just cast aside any narrative expectations (which I could do on a rewatch). Malick's oblique style is quite affecting here, but his weird editing choices sometimes undermine the story (for example: the jumpy, disjointed battle sequence). Farrell is perfect for a role that asks his eyebrows to do much of the work.