It Follows ★★★½

It follows was very stylistic in all aspects: the cinematography, the soundtrack, the acting. The opening scene is amazing, the tracking shots, the soundtrack building tension and the sounds off screen. The next few shots following are shocking and beautiful with the lighting, cutting at just the right places to introduce what is to come and maybe one of the best film openings. The scene in the diner with her head going down to reveal the person in the background is riveting even without knowledge then when we gain knowledge making you on edge, watchful for every person which is a perfect horror. The chair scene is so original and can be done easily I loved it.
However when a movie makes rules they should follow them or not make them at all which lead to it’s downfall for me. The beach scene is the worst in a film that could easily be the best. Then what follows is just scares for style and not the rules the film has set out. This annoyed me and though some things should be overlooked in film as nitpicking can ruin anything and everything but the fact that it climbed on her roof just to stare at her and not even attempt to get her when it had to climb past her omg stupid.

“It could look like someone you know or it could be a stranger in a crowd. Whatever helps it get close to you.”