The Last Dive

The Last Dive ★★★★★

one of those films that one is afraid to over-recommend simply because of how small it feels and how easy it is to think of it as minor. and yet, it checks too many of my boxes for me to be able to avoid falling in love with this. set over a short duration of just two nights, it's the ultimate hangout movie in a way but between characters that are somewhat impenetrable. a series of dance scenes, each illuminating something about these characters and the changes they undergo over these two nights. impossibly moving in parts and a really gorgeous love story but also horribly dark in others. any commentary on Portuguese history and politics is mostly lost on me sadly but even without that, it feels really crucial to understanding monteiro's pov both visually and thematically. one of those films that one feels protective towards because it feels like magic that it even exists and ends up being as great as it is. all the love.

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