The Half of It ★★★

-integration of immigrant / child of immigrant experience in white religious america (i relate)
-paul is the only man who deserves rights lets be honest... he's pure.. a tru himbo
-beautiful color palette and surprisingly thoughtful cinematography. some nice composition and camera action here!!
-i really love to see a coming-of-age film with a more artistic touch to it, and i think it really fit the subject matter. the sleep town and its introspective characters deserve that!

not so good:
-wish we got to see aster's side a bit more, although i feel like thats part of the point, since we see paul and ellie's half of their own one-sided romance.
-the entire plot / premise is pretty played-out and cliche imo
-pacing was kinda off

overall not too bad, although im a lil disappointed with it :'( tbh i just wanna see happy gay gals but its fine :<

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