The Report

The Report ★★★★

Scott Z. Burns' "The Report" is a straightforward yet searing examination of abuses of power and those whose lives are tasked with uncovering them. Taut, compelling, and masterfully performed, the drama is a rich addition to the canon of contemporary political cinema.

Focusing on Adam Driver's Daniel Jones, "The Report" details the Jones-led US Senate investigation into the interrogation techniques used against detainees after the September 11 attacks. Observing the different entities involved in the investigation, the story finds those bodies maneuvering toward certain damaging truths.

The drama is powered by the machinations of the various agencies and moralities at play in both the investigation and the events that led to it. While the narrative works to not necessarily create a stateside villain, there is a powerful glimpse into humanity here.

Driver, fired a by a righteous anger, in an ideal lens for the film's events. Neither a soldier nor a politician, Driver creates an American everyman who is motivated by a sense of morality. The film is full of strong, stand-out performances, but Driver shines as a measured and remarkable force.

Churning with a rumbling energy fueled by both its story and cast, "The Report" is crisp and engaging stuff. Never succumbing to the temptation to dress up its drama for the sake of thrills, the work, nevertheless, rivets.

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