Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ★★★½

very funny and surprisingly heartfelt story that actually outshines the original at times. it’s uneven—some of it flops HARD but pretty much every scene after borat’s discovery of COVID is fantastic, the Rudy Giuliani scene is honestly so much worse (for him) than i was expecting, and the ending is sure to make Fox News headlines for weeks

also, maria bakalova outshines cohen in quite a bit of this. i hope she goes on to be a comedic giant cause she’s clearly a star who is down for just about anything 

a lot of people will talk about how this movie doesn’t matter because trump voters are already openly racist and so borat exposing their racism doesn’t really matter, which, okay, valid. but Cohen does such a great job of slapping them in the face with their hypocrisy (he gets a literal QAnon supporter to call him out on a conspiracy theory!!) that it’s hard not to enjoy it. i could do without a lot of the front half but the back half is a must watch

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