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  • Superman Returns

    Superman Returns


    I appreciate the film's premise and intention, but the execution is pretty mixed and lacks weight and flavor, leaning pretty heavily on nostalgia for the Christopher Reeve films instead of establishing its own identity or trying to provide closure.

  • Superman II

    Superman II


    The theatrical Richard Lester cut is perfectly-fine, but the Richard Donner cut is awesome- with some memorable villains, high stakes, and surprisingly-effective character development and fun, ambitious setpieces. This is by-far the greatest superhero film from this era (the pre-Tim Burton Batman era).

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  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


    Sort of like Total Recall meets Blue Valentine- Eternal Sunshine is a powerfully-bittersweet, creatively-shot and edited romantic science fiction drama exploring the psychology surrounding failed relationships and the grief, second-guessing, and loneliness that follows- as well as some reflection on life and the human spirit as a whole, delivered with some sincere writing, infrequent but effective bursts of comedy, and heartfelt, believable performances.

    The narrative is pieced-together in a nonlinear order which may throw you off initially, but fits the…

  • Mulan



    Unfortunately due to the imminent end of the world Mulan has foregone a theatrical release in favor of releasing as a thirty-dollar rental exclusively on Disney's streaming platform, Disney+. Now, thirty dollars is a lot of money for just one movie, and I imagine most folks on here can't afford a theater-caliber viewing experience to put in their home, but there is a much greater alternative and you can even save a bit of money out of it!…