Blood Hook ★★★

Day 27, Daily Horror Scavenger Hunt July. A movie with Blood in the title.

My brother accidently pushed a fish hook through his thumb. It went in like butter, not so easy coming out though. Trip to the doc, needle right in the wound to numb it.

Anyway this is always in my head when I see anything about fishing.

I really did thrive on the thought of a fishing hook making those kills. A prized rod abandoned and turned rogue, forever trying to get that champion catch.

Of course it's not a rogue fishing rod, I've had too much tartar sauce. So it's a slasher....well hook n pull, who's at the end of that rod!

I wished Kierston 'fishing is rude' death scene had more flavour.

Never in my life have I thought sit-ups could be romantic, but I learn new things everyday.

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