Attack the Block

Attack the Block ★★★★

Joe Cornish's film excels in its action. Part chase movie, the sequences are energetic and exciting; part horror movie, the film can at times be surprisingly gruesome. It's a brave choice by Cornish to have a bunch of fifteen-year-olds offed by other-worldly creatures in such horrific fashions, but it's one that makes this film different from any other. Added is the setting, as the tower blocks, street gangs and run-down locations of working class/underclass London are hardly ever utilised in cinema other than in "social realism" gangster films that either star Adam Deacon or Danny Dyer.

It was a shame that Attack the Block cost more money to make than it made, but on a relatively low budget, Joe Cornish can be proud of his achievements, as Attack the Block proved to be a critical darling. It's just a let down that sometimes talented directors won't work again based on the critics, it's about the money. But here's hoping that Cornish gets another opportunity to put a spin on a genre classic again in the near future.

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