Villains ★★★

What if Honey Bunny and Pumpkin from Pulp Fiction found themselves caught up in a Don't Breathe kind of situation? Didn't know you wanted to know the answer to this conundrum, did ya, eh? Well never fear, for Villains is here to answer that pressing matter for you; albeit two years later if you're a fellow Briton.

Some aspects of the home invasion thriller gone wrong feel a little derivative, and on the rare occasion Villains tries to be a bit too kooky, which can throw the tone off-kilter, but for those of you looking for something with a sharp and darkly funny edge, you could do much worse than this short and sick comic-thriller that is bolstered by a helluva foursome - Bill Skarsgård, who looks oddly like a young Steve Buscemi and has never been so likeable, Maika Monroe, who it was great to see more of after feeling like I hadn't seen her forever after her brilliant double breakout of The Guest and It Follows, the unhinged Kyra Sedgwick in an against type role, and the absolute standout, Blake Baumgartner, who brings a gleeful bag of sinister charisma to proceedings. Without this game and talented cast this wouldn't be half the film it ends up being.

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