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  • Nomadland



    Maybe this isn’t true for my generation because we grew up watching it deteriorate, but you used to grow up in america in the belief that we’d all abide by a civic compact: we’d work hard, raise kids, train our progeny to be similarly contributing members of society, and in return, we’d be cared for in our old age. Rinse and repeat. 

    The first half of this movie tells the story about the fallout from the complete erasure of that compact.…

  • Killing Them Softly

    Killing Them Softly


    Dudes rock

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  • Shithouse



    Before college, I really had no experience with women/romantic love, and I still remember so vividly the feeling of having casual sex for the first time and the heartbreak in learning that the person you did it with wasn’t also thinking “omg I wanna spend the next 72 hours with this person” afterward. Adult sexual relationships require a good bit of callousing over that kind of obsessive feeling, and it’s ultimately a good thing, but that transitory period where you’re…

  • Boys State

    Boys State


    Stephen: Pete Buttigieg
    Rene: epic clapback queen Nancy Pelosi 
    Ben: Steve Bannon 
    Eddy: Marco Rubio 
    Rob: George W. 

    And the people who run this organization: should be chemically castrated.