• Underworld: Blood Wars

    Underworld: Blood Wars


    Finished this series with a bang. Thank god they brought it back around cause I was gonna be really disappointed. Not sure if I’m team vampire or team lycan. Kate wins this series without a doubt. Great HMP watch party

  • Underworld: Awakening

    Underworld: Awakening


    What the fuck. Honestly a little upset with this one. Too “modern” for my liking. I recommend just watching the first three and then the last. Skip this one if you know what’s good for you.

  • Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

    Underworld: Rise of the Lycans


    Keeps getting better. Some serious daddy issues in this film.

  • Underworld: Evolution

    Underworld: Evolution


    Double feature in one night with these films. Special effects still hold up. Filled with more blood and action (not complaining tho) I feel like they added more characters when there was no need for it? I am definitely watching the rest of the series in honor of my pops

  • Underworld



    Great mix between matrix and twilight. Really confused in the beginning but I was able to pick it up by the end. A total blood bath and some great effects in my opinion. All I gotta say is Kate is a babe in her jumpsuit

  • Goodnight Mommy

    Goodnight Mommy


    The trailer seemed way more horrifying than the actual film. Still really enjoyable though. This kind of fucked with my mind more than I thought it would. I still couldn’t tell what was real or not by the end. Makes me want to rewatch so I could pick up on the cues better. Took on a different meaning to horror for me which I thought was great

  • High Life

    High Life


    I got too drunk and fell asleep halfway through... I tried to give it my attention but there wasn’t anything for me to grasp onto. I wish the set design was done a little better. Felt really cheap in my opinion. All I noticed a lot of masterbating lol

  • Django Unchained

    Django Unchained


    Haven’t seen this in a while but it still holds up. I forgot how much shit happens in this film. Casting was great and I loved the comedic elements throughout. I always feel like it went on a tad bit longer than it should but still has a good ending. I wish my beard was as nice as Christoph waltz’s :(

  • Annihilation



    Second time around was even better. I was impressed by the concept last time and seeing it again explained a lot which got me into it more. Score was really cool during the ending. Jennifer Leigh also really annoyed me for some reason and I didn’t mind seeing her evaporate. It was an overall freaky thing to wrap your head around but I loved it at the same time.

  • Beach Rats

    Beach Rats


    Really intrigued by the aesthetic of this piece. Follows typical love story of what you would expect but throws in some bits here and there. I see similarities to Hittmans other work like Forevers gonna start tonight which was another film that I really enjoyed. Maybe I’ll start taking mirror selfies like that?

  • Underwater



    Not gonna lie, I kind of enjoyed this more than I thought I would. It did start to fall once the creatures came along tho. The suspense throughout the beginning was great and I wish it would have stuck better. Clear references to other films were made, but that’s not always a bad thing. I was pretty impressed by the sound design and special effects. One of my biggest fears is the ocean which is why I think I was…

  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two


    Pretty much knew what was going to happen from the start. There were some moments here and there but followed the same kind of pattern as the last. I will say the ending kept me a little intrigued. Kind of makes me wonder if I should be afraid of clowns or not lol.