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  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade


    As Bo Burnham stated, Eighth Grade is more of a "slow down" movie, rather than a coming of age movie. I can't say I've seen middle school and teenagers portrayed so realistically in a movie and that is why this film is quite brilliant.

    Burnham showed a mild John Hughes touch by having a finger-on-the-pulse feel for Gen-Z in middle school; Burnham himself being a Millennial. The key to that was to cast age-appropriate characters, which was perfect. These kids…

  • The Shock of the Future

    The Shock of the Future


    First watch thoughts here.

    Holds up well on second viewing, especially having an understanding of this film's structure.

    Le Choc Du Futur is all about the creative process; in this case, in the person of Ana Klimova (Alma Jodorowsky): talent, drive, inspiration, idea, discovery, breakthrough, execution, and exhibition. All within a frustratingly sexist climate in the music industry.

    It's definitely low budget, but it's conversation-driven with a decent screenplay. It's heavy on the electronic music, with a wonderful soundtrack and…

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  • Arrival



    Denis Villeneuve's very best.

    Arrival is a different take on the alien invasion. No lasers, no attacks. Just a soft landing and a highly tasteful film about, of all things, humanity. In most alien invasion movies, the visitors from outer space present a hostile threat. In this one, it's the humans who grunt their way into a response.

    As I've said before, this movie certainly is a critique of the human response in such a world crisis. A divided one,…

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Maybe now, one sees this and most of it seems silly, but for 1933, those practical effects must have been absolutely marvelous.

    This first version of The Invisible Man ahows off its great visual effrcts, but also focuses on the experiment as a cautionary tale. In the hands of the wrong person, and the ensuing madness it brings can result in power-hungry terror. I enjoyed the crime action aspect of it.

    Impressive performance by Claude Rains, despite never seeing his…

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  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    This film is a journey of the senses. It pulls us straight into the perspective of its protagonist. With superb sound design, we go into the head of a man going deaf and provokes thoughts of appreciating what we very much take for granted.

    Sound of Metal is an immersive journey from a life-changing setback to its aftermath and adjustment. It's a lesson of how initial desperation can set in and that, once set, you go on.

    Riz Ahmed perfectly…

  • Saint Maud

    Saint Maud


    This was...quite something.

    Saint Maud presents a character with an interesting grappling of faith: undying devotion, delusional beliefs, and questioning of faith. This film has a vibe that reminded me at times of First Reformed (2018).

    Morfydd Clark was simply magnetic. It was riveting to see her Maud every moment she was on screen. Her performance was a tour de force. A complete performance. Showed such range and command of the screen, you couldn't help but be riveted.

    Keep that eye on Rose Glass. Impressive feature debut.

    That last shot.