The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★★

This has been my most anticipated movie ever since first hearing rumors of it on IMDb in 2015 and I still can't really believe I've seen it. What happens when you dedicate your whole life to your profession? I'm sure this story spoke to Scorsese since he has spent the last 50+ years dedicated to cinema and is the most revered director of our times but what is left after you reach the top? Not much, like Frank realizes in the film, it was all for nothing since there was no love given from his family and in return no love given to him. I never felt the passage of time or aging as viscerally as this. By the time you realize you wasted your life without love, it's too late. A tour de force from everyone involved. We are incredible lucky to be living in a time where only Martin Scorsese can make a movie like this and have it be this good, along with continuously making masterpieces like this through his whole career. A wonderful night seeing this opening day in the beautiful Regency Village Theater in Westwood with my friends.

(I was also standing in line behind Paul Thomas Anderson before the movie haha)

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