Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

I liked this leagues better than The Hateful Eight. This unfortunately (for lack of a better word) has to be on the slower end of Tarantino's filmography. I'm normally fine with the long runtimes but this could have take a chop here and a chop there. Robbie is terribly underused. If there were awards for underused actors in movies, she'd win for 2019. The relationship of Leo and Brad is great, akin to Redford and Newman. I just noticed every moment in Leo's moments on screen that the Academy could play for him come Oscar time.

I doubt there's anything big trying to be said here and it's merely Tarantino having fun with the city that's loved him back for over two decades. Setting the story at this strange time was a great choice and the ending is probably going to have people talking but AY YO was it INSANE.

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