Edge of Tomorrow ★★★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

The best film about gaming that has ever existed and possibly will ever exist.
Repeating an event continuously until you get it right is something I recognise from many hours of gaming. Prince of Persia being an example that springs readily to mind.
There's a wonderfully rich vein of dark humour prevalent throughout the film. Whether it's small things like Cruise's facial expression as Blunt puts the gun to his head for the nth time or when he just gives up saving the 'naked' commando and lets it happen.
The obvious parallels with Groundhog Day are worth noting. Such as the fact you never really know how many times he repeats this day. I would guess it's well into the thousands because of the amount of detail you see on their Beach assault plan and the stuff you only see once but with Cruise having complete knowledge of every little beat. That's the great thing about Tom Cruise. He really does try hard and when the film is worth it then that pays off.
I'm sad this didn't do brilliantly at the box office as it's a fantastic film. I can't watch to watch my Blu-Ray copy when I, finally, get a proper surround sound system.

I instantly wanted to watch this again.