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  • Memories of Murder

    Memories of Murder


    Finally catching up on Director Bong's films. I was just missing his first feature, Mother, and this one. Here's just a few random thoughts:

    1.- There are no 'pretty' shots in the work of BJH. Every shot is saying something, and therefore, nothing we see in the frame is there just for show or for aesthetics. Considering this is only his second feature, I'm obsessed with how every single static shot, especially when the main characters were in public places,…

  • Saving Face

    Saving Face


    Now that I’ve seen both of her movies I can confidently say that Alice Wu’s modus operandi is to play within the constraints of the romcom genre, with all of its expected beats and tropes, and find the humanity behind the cliché in order to deliver something original: we all know how a movie like this (or The Half of It) will end, so Wu takes her time developing compelling, flawed characters we can relate to, and making us care…

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  • Nighthawks



    The most groundbreaking aspect of this 1978 film is how absolutely boring and unapologetically mundane is the life of the lead character. That’s it, that’s the film. A boring queer life of night clubs and casual sex, and a day job with clueless straight coworkers. 

    There’s even time for a frank discussion about gay loneliness, about giving yourself up to the emptiness of being single and gay in a big city. The best thing about this particular discussion (shot almost…

  • Esteros



    Here’s the thing: at this point, we all know the tropes, twists, turns, and turmoils of a standard queer love story. So, in order for your movie to stand out from the rest, it needs to at least have characters that are interesting enough for us to care about their by-the-numbers romance.

    And that’s why I loved Esteros: sure, we’ve seen this exact same movie a thousand times before, but Jero and Matías intrigued me, I wanted to spend time with…