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I want to die but movies make me not want to.

i love pretty much every movie, so i'm sorry for giving everything five stars :D

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  • Sky, Wind, Fire, Water, Earth

    Sky, Wind, Fire, Water, Earth


    I feel like the conversation between Naomi and the tattoo artist will be forever etched into my mind.
    The rest of the movie is amazing too, but i think that that conversation perfectly sums up everything that works here.
    They talk about so many things on a microscopic level, every line means more than one thing, it's impressive how much is going on.

    Tremendous, really.

  • Embracing



    Here's the thing about myself, i have a short attention span, i never watch doccumentaries because they can't ever grab my attention.
    This was different though, despite the fact that there are long periods of time in which no words are spoken, and similar periods in which only dates are uttered, i was still entranced by this during the whole thing.
    It's like Naomi Kawase managed to capture so much, she truly immortalized forever every little moment and every conversation…

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