Possessor ★★★★

Wow. Brandon Cronenberg, what in the living fuck?! Possessor is a lot. And I mean a lot. This is definitely my kinda sci-fi, I’ll definitely say that. Slow burn movies really are hit and miss for me a lot of the time and it’s usually the genre stuff that ends up being worth it. But as much as I kept doubting Possessor and it’s slow burn approach, I get the hype. Nowadays, sci-fi and horror stuff really has to stand out amongst the crowd, hence why so much of the bigger studio stuff ends up not really doing much for me. It’s too tame, too easy and most of the time, simplified for a wider audience. Filmmakers like Ari Aster and Alex Garland are the ones that are really working for me right now, they’re taking concepts and just making them in their own way, untainted, purely their own. I’d say Possessor is in the same lane. 

With this, Cronenberg has created something wholly unique in it’s presentation and truly original in how it handles it’s concept. Like I said, Possessor is a lot of things. It’s 2020’s angriest, most visceral sci-fi film for one. Most importantly though, it’s the freshest recent take on the assassination thriller. It’s so sharp, so slick with it’s aesthetic, that when the blood starts to flow just a few minutes in, you just instantly realise what the rest of the film is gonna be and whether it’s gonna be your thing or not. I get why some feel like this doesn’t work for them, but for me? This thing is great. It takes it’s ‘corporate killer’ premise and flips it on it’s head, delving into abstract existentialism and unfiltered body horror that only a Cronenberg could deliver. Exactly what I wanted from a sci-fi movie in 2020.

It probably could’ve been so easy for a filmmaker to present a straightforward horror thriller like The Invisible Man but instead, we have this gory, sexual, quiet think-piece on how companies and organisations just use the populace for monetary gain. It’s murder as a cold, senseless act that someone can be hired and paid for but with the added fucked up-ness of mind control and the battle for free thought in a world where your movements can be hijacked. There’s tits and dicks and bullets and stabbings and it all just happens without timid cutaways. It’s cold, it’s pissed off and it’s got a shit-tonne of vaping for some reason. Oh and Dead Of Night by Orville Peck plays at one point, that automatically means the movie is good. I honestly can’t wait to rewatch this.

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