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  • The Shadow Play

    The Shadow Play

    The Road of a Dream.

    After our Lou Ye Retrospective in April, CineCina is welcome the return of one of the most essential filmmaker working in China today. Combining melodrama and a classic Chinatown-like noir plot, The Shadow Play reexamine the past 30 years China. Under the shaky camera and constantly close-up, Lou Ye exhibited the side of society that was rarely be seen: steamy, whirling, and almost like a wild dream. For almost a year, Lou Ye was struggling…

  • It Must Be Heaven

    It Must Be Heaven

    The Road for Heaven.

    After 10 years, the renown Palestinian director Elia Suleiman is finally back with his latest work. Like his previous works, by putting his unique observation of the world to the wide screen, it is both grandeur yet absurd. On the first glimpse, this film seems like a filmmaker's travelog around the globe. However, with all the sarcasm and references, it is a quite provoking political statement on the current world that we live in. Whether it…