American Psycho

American Psycho ★★★★

I wish Patrick Bateman had a podcast where he broke down the careers of 80s singers.

For my 1,500th film, I wanted to do a classic I hadn't seen before. This certainly fits the bill. Thank you Yankee88 for the recommendation! (and thank you to everyone else who recommended films for this, I will get to yours, I promise)

THIS is how you sprinkle some social commentary into a movie! Always under the surface, but the comparisons to Reagan and 80s capitalism are great when they pop up. Also, after murdering around 40 people, the only one he is questioned on is the other businessman, and even that is more of a formality. Society as a whole seems very unconcerned that homeless people and prostitutes are dying.

Christian Bale is brilliant. He genuinely seems like he's falling apart but no one notices. Does it make me psycho too if I kind of want his apartment? I love the contrast between his neatness and his natural urges, which blend more together as the film goes on.

I can totally understand why this movie has a cult following, it strikes a unique tone and constantly straddles the line between comedy and horror. Glad I finally got around to it.

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