An American Pickle

An American Pickle ★★

The movie is best when Seth Rogen and Seth Rogen are getting along.

Honestly, the first 30 minutes were really incredible, I was ready to write a glowing review and disagree with the mixed comments on here, then it just sort of meanders for another hour. It reminds me a lot of The Invention of Lying where the premise is incredible and it feels like they invented the rest as they were going along.

The political “messages” were all over the place. He’s Trump? He’s an undocumented immigrant? We hate his ideas? He means well? Religion good? Religion bad? It felt like every 5 minutes they start a new plot line.

The best stuff is the opening scene shot in 4:3. The cinematography really is great in that, and the journey to America is quite cute. The following scene made me appreciate our modern society, seeing how far his family had come. Then it really goes to shit.

Had it just been the two of them building a pickle business together in Brooklyn, it could have been quite fun. They just needed to lean in to family and making fun of Brooklyn.

Honestly, not a horrible premise, just badly flushed out. I hope to see what Brandon Trost does next.

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