The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★½


First of all, I love seeing this animation style used again outside of Spiderverse. Since the advent of computer animation, the trend has been towards more and more realistic scenes, to the point where Soul recreated photorealistic Manhattan in a computer. It is fun to see the animators get to go wild here, and get creative with facial expressions and motions.

There were a ton of plot holes that I felt should have been addressed that I won't get into too deeply here, but to name a couple the two "good robots" could have been used more to the family's advantage, and an AI isn't stored in a phone, therefore will be unaffected if it gets destroyed. Also, while I liked the incorporation of meme culture to a certain extent, this movie was over memed. I didn't need all the breaks from the action for clips of monkeys howling.

All that being said, this movie had a lot of really cute moments, and I choked up at the end credits, with all the cast members' own dysfunctional families. As an ode to the weird family, I definitely appreciated it.

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