Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★

Call Me By Your Name. A sentence (or in this case film title) that didn’t make much sense to me prior to seeing this film. After having watched this beautiful piece of contemporary cinema, I can say there is no better title to encapsulate and mirror the relationship between our two main characters Elio and Oliver.
I adore the atmosphere this film transports and makes my craving for summer to come even stronger. I’ve been a winter person in the past and actually prefer temperatures around 10-18°C, but this film just wanted me to go to Italia and enjoy the summer there.
I loved the visual language Guadagnino applied here, the summer as an allegory for falling in love, enjoying your love and having nothing to worry about paired with the magnificently beautiful Italian landscape showcased whereas in winter the truth of life and love hits, and it hits hard.
Incredible performances by Thimotée Chalamet (I can see the hype around his person now, I’ve only seen him in Lady Bird and Interstellar (which I barely remember) before and I’m super excited that he stars in Dune and The French Dispatch this year), Armie Hammer, Michael Stuhlbarg and Amira Casar make this film truly special. I also loved the editing in this film, always respectful regarding intimate moments of the characters.
It is for sure Guadagnino’s best film out of the bunch I’ve seen so far but interestingly enough my least favourite (which just means I loved Suspiria and A Bigger Splash more). I'm excited to see his future as well as his previous outings, especially his collaborations with Tilda.

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