Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ★★★½

Oozing plenty of style in every frame, brimming with tongue-in-cheek humour from start to finish & narrated in a highly intriguing manner, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang marks a terrific start to Shane Black's directional career, is one of the finest examples of dark comedy and is also notable for featuring one of Robert Downey Jr.'s most charismatic performances.

Set in Los Angeles, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang tells the story of a petty thief who after a robbery-gone-wrong stumbles into a film audition while fleeing from cops & is accepted for the role. But on his visit to LA, he soon finds himself caught up in a murder investigation and enlists the help of a private investigator as well as his childhood crush to get to the bottom of it.

Written & directed by Shane Black, the most noticeable thing about Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is its razor-sharp dialogues which take over the screen from its opening moments. The rapid-fire narration can get a bit confusing for some viewers if they're unable to keep up with the pace but it all eventually comes full circle by the time the story reaches its final conclusion.

Production design crew does a fine job in capturing the high-profile nightlife of Los Angeles, Cinematography makes dynamic use of camera plus the rich use of its colour palette makes the images appear more vivid. Editing is structured like a confusing mystery but provides a solid pace to the story, the clever use of humour is one of its strongest aspects & even the score does its job nicely.

Coming to the performances, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang features a solid cast in Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer & Michelle Monaghan, and while the remaining cast contributes with properly balanced work, it's the spot-on chemistry between Downey Jr. & Kilmer that propels this sly flick to a new high, and is easily one of the most enjoyable & funniest roles in the careers of both, to which they do complete justice.

On an overall scale, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is an incredibly fun, throughly entertaining & very satisfying crime-comedy that's stylishly directed, smartly written, excellently photographed, expertly edited, briskly paced, sharply humoured & jubilantly performed. Definitely several grades above your typical murder-mysteries, especially for the way its storyline unfolds, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is worth your time n money.

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