Rope ★★★★★

One of the most innovative films of its time, Alfred Hitchcock's Rope introduces a number of filmmaking experiments which, even today, remain widely unexplored in the world of cinema. It is an immensely captivating tale of two men who strangle one of their acquaintances, hide his body in their apartment, and then throw a party to determine the perfection of their crime.

Filmed in a manner that gives the illusion of being shot in a single take, the biggest strength of this film is how effortlessly it manages to engage the viewers in its expertly crafted plot & sustain the tension throughout its runtime even when the audience is aware of how the movie will end. The direction by Hitchcock is an absolute class & the camerawork simply adds a new chapter to the manual of filmmaking.

On an overall scale, Rope is a masterfully directed, deftly scripted, meticulously crafted, tightly edited, wonderfully photographed, tensely scored & strongly performed cinema which also works as one of the finest examples of its genre(s) and, without a shadow of a doubt, remains a remarkable achievement in the glorious career of the legendary filmmaker that still hasn't aged a day.

A timeless classic. A genre masterpiece. And one of my absolute favourites from the 'Master of Suspense'. Highly recommended.

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