Suicide Squad ★★½

Putting aside its obvious problems with the montage, I kinda like these patsies. Their chemistry is what saves the movie from a complete shambles but that doesn't quite seem to be enough to avoid the cringeworthiness. First off, I'm not sure where those 175 million $ did go because it felt like watching a low-budget John Carpenter movie which I didn't expect from this type of production.

The characters' introduction is probably the best part of the movie although it is too much forced. Their backstories should flow within the story instead of just dedicating 15-20 minutes to flashbacks (I hate flashbacks).
Will Smith owned the whole show, his character's backstory is the most touching and his usual charisma makes him stand out from the rest. Harley Quinn was good, her backstory with the Joker is the most interesting but not much of it is shown. The Joker didn't fit in the plot of the movie, he shows up every once in a while and that's it. I didn't even like Jared Leto's Joker. He didn't look menacing or enigmatic to me, more like a caricature. Apart from that, the villain was ridiculous. Viola Davis' Amanda Waller was more menacing and "bitch" than the Joker and the actual villain together. As for the rest of the Suicide Squad, we don't get to taste them that much or we just don't care about some of them like Joel Kinnaman's character.

Among the continuous music showcase and chopped editing, I can see the intention from David Ayer to do something really cool. However, adding some jokes and lots of songs to make it fun is not always enough, usually it is necessary a proper screenplay and editing. I thought Warner Bros. was smarter than that but I'm starting to believe that they actually think the audience is stupid. As if we won't notice incoherences or a messed-up montage.