Mirror ★★★★★

This meditative Andrei Tarkovsky masterpiece is non-linear, fragmented, surreal and seemingly near-random in its structure. There isn't one clear, obvious unifying meaning underneath it all either.

However, to view Mirror in a quest for easy answers is to miss the point entirely. The film is intended to function as a look back on an entire life through the erratic curtain of human memory. Like life itself, it means both nothing and, paradoxically, everything. It is a life shaped by dreamlike fragments of the innocent idyll of childhood and the beguiling nightmare of the adult world. It is one filled with seemingly trivial moments but also huge, momentous wider events (in this case, WWII).

Mirror is also a testament to the pure, transformative power of cinema as an art form. There are so many beautiful scenes here, switching regularly between colour and monochrome and yet possessing a true painter's eye throughout.

Mirror is obviously not a film for the average viewer - yet one with incredible rewards for those who choose to undertake its existential journey.

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