Favorite films

  • Licorice Pizza
  • A Muppet Family Christmas
  • A Christmas Carol
  • Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town

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  • Night Shift


  • West Side Story


  • See You Then


  • A Question of Silence


Recent reviews

  • The Polar Express

    The Polar Express


    Wow, Zemeckis got weird, huh? The director’s descent into full mo-cap lets his film fan imagination run amok with Chris van Allsburg’s book, weaving in and out of oversized CG sets and vehicles and dance numbers (and multiple Tom Hankses) like a madman. It’s silly but kind of adorable, doesn’t really hang together but never boring. The uncanny valley is real but not as distracting as expected. Not one for the annual festive rotation — it’s firmly for kids — but it’s imaginative and I’m glad I caught it.

  • Grindhouse



    As consistently entertaining as this is (and as truly great an example and examination of the women-in-peril slasher film as Death Proof is), I remain ever more impressed and delighted that this exists, in what Rodriguez and Tarantino were able to get away with: a three-and-a-quarter-hour recreation of a late-1970s/early-1980s film experience, complete with ad slides and trailers for other movies. Indulgent? Sure, but for a generation who grew up loving that experience — and that experience, not only the films themselves,…

Popular reviews

  • Kate Plays Christine

    Kate Plays Christine

    Initially interesting but increasingly meandering doc-xperiment feels ickier and less ethical as it wears on. What's more, its attack on assumed audience bloodlust is aimed in a way as to fundamentally misunderstand art's role in helping us make some semblance of sense of the senseless.

  • Parasite



    The best new movie I've seen in over two years. Time bears out such claims, but my waters are telling me this is a genuine masterpiece. Bong's been making excellent films for nigh on two decades, but he's on a whole new level with this, a crystallisation of his entire career to date. A dazzlingly designed, tonally audacious and devastating dissection of late-capitalism class tension, wrapped up in an irresistibly entertaining multi-genre package, fronted by the peerless Song Kang-Ho, but, hell, everyone is pitch perfect here. Wow.