Old ★★★½

- i love the way m. night's ensembles function. what some dismiss as hack & overpronounced actually harkens back to classic teleplay character writing & performance. i dig how he likes to reinforce character identifiers like gael's insurance stats & patricia's group talk motives.

- the tracking shots in this are so impressive, the way the camera will float in and out like waves. my favorite was kara's birthing scene, W O W

- the shot of the 4 family members on the beach huddled together, their backs to us, fire on the left

- tons of connective tissue with glass

- the cave scene!!!! i admittedly was hoping for more of a body horror focus but that's on me

- something about the situation is so rapid that's there's a little disconnect to things & characters. still trying to think it through & where & why i felt this

- m. night being out of fashion is a great exhibit A for why mainstream movies are in the shitter

- very happy he's still around, able to do his thing. wish more were working at this level, with vision, ideas, formal precision, & sincerity

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