Mank ★★★

Interesting formal exercise, not only by emulating the aspect of an Old Hollywood film, but also by embracing the protagonist’s fractured mind into the narrative. There’s also a really clever commentary on politics, cinema and propaganda that offers a breath of fresh air to the film. That being said, I think it gradually gets vague and aimless, even a little bit Oscar-baity. Also, everything related to Welles and the screenwriting credit battle is very disappointing, especially considering everything that’s been already cleared about the subject since then. It’s definitely not a disaster, but I honestly didn’t feel any passion on the film, and that’s something considering that this is a very personal project for its director. My opinion might change on a rewatch, but for now I tend to agree with what other people have wrote here: please go back to directing the hell out of trashy, pervy and stylish thrillers, Fincher 🙏

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