Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte ★★★

The follow-up to Aldrich’s success on ‘What Ever Happened To Baby Jane’ also brought back the original leading ladies but after a week in Baton Rouge. Crawford claimed she was too ill to work and left the film. Aldrich scrambled to find a replacement and by Bette Davis' suggestion hired Olivia de Havilland. The exteriors are shot around the Houmas House plantation and the interiors were entirely shot in Hollywood. More often than not when I looked at the floor in wider shots. It's pretty obvious that it's a set as opposed to an actual house. Along with Davis and de Havilland. The cast includes Agnes Moorhead who won the Golden Globe for her role as Supporting Actress. Joseph Cotton, Mary Astor. Victor Buono plays the patriarch in the flashbacks from the beginning. Bruce Dern also plays the victim of the brutal murder. George Kennedy appears for a single scene in the film as Bette Davis attempts to fight off the construction workers who appear on her property. This was a theatrical success but given the brutal murder as well as the cruelty throughout the picture was still a touch too contrived for some reviewers tastes.