The Chairman ★★

J Lee Thompson's seems to be on fertile ground in the midst of this adaptation of Jay Richard Kennedy's novel. Ben Maddow's script isn't bad but the basic nuts and bolts of the threat, (If you can call it that) the risks (suggesting a Nobel prize winner would risk his life? Not likely ) and the thrill is more or less kind of a meager one. In the beginning, this spells out to be more Bond like than it was and the conceit of an implanted global listening device that doubles as a bomb is absurd. Jerry Goldsmith's music certainly makes up for the lower stakes involved and all the footage of Gregory Peck looming over most of the people around him is again an odd mixture. Keye Luke is mostly wasted. (sadly) and Arthur Hill doesn't spin off as well as he does playing the heavy in his later years. He's fair but the eyeglasses doubling an eye patch best describes my feelings on the movie. More peculiar than impressive.