The Man with the Iron Heart ★★★

Seeing this adaptation of the telling of the rise and fall of Reinhard Heydrich is a tad bit of deja vu as the feature 'Anthropoid' was released just two years prior. Not unlike lots of historical events that are adapted to films. There never fails to be multiple interpretations that fall almost simultaneously. Usually one gets out ahead so that the second gets shelved and delayed. In Cedric Jimenez's version which is based on the Laurent Binet debut novel from 2010, 'HHhH' Jason Clarke stars as Heydrich and plays him to the best of his abilities as a cold and distant character. The variable here is where the film follows closer to the novel in which we see this play out from two sides. First, that of Heydrich and then followed up by his assassins Jozef Gabčík and Jan Kubiš. The film bears down on the terror that was spread across Czechoslovakia but I was still left comparing it to Sean Ellis' 'Anthropoid' (2016) It's not a bad version but simply a different take on the same events. Perhaps the greater flaw of this was focusing on Heydrich as the family man outside of the soldier. I'm not sure if that helps us to be convinced that he was more man than monster but none of this changes the outcome for all those who were involved.