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  • I See You

    I See You


    This movie will have you going kinda scary, then comedy, then back to being scary, then bam. Wild journey. 

    The beginning of this almost made me turn off this film. Helen Hunt is insufferable in my opinion. But the way that the movie is masterfully written and devised makes up for it for sure. 

    Owen Teague was awesome in this. The score in particular was also very good.

  • The Forest of Love

    The Forest of Love


    Am I the only one who was expecting more forest?

    Sion Sono has such a frenetic energy to his movies that always make them so entertaining to watch. 

    This has a lot of similarities to his previous film Coldfish, while I liked this I did prefer his other films more. 

    It’s also pretty amazing that Sion Sono wrote, directed, AND edited this film, FOR NETFLIX. that is the stuff I like to see. 

    This definitely could have been shorter by…

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  • Memories of Murder

    Memories of Murder


    This film has a great style and the correct amount of dropkicks.

  • The Crazies

    The Crazies


    Well that was incredibly depressing. Good stuff! The original has much stronger messaging and is more impactful but I feel the remake just pulls off the horror look and feel better. Remake it again.